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Operation Graduation Essay: “Earning a diploma means a means a milestone in life for me.” (Chicago)

Earning a diploma means a milestone in life for me. This is really the end of my childhood life and the beginning of adulthood and my career. This diploma means success, I went to three different high schools and I ...

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Operation Graduation Essay: My teachers lifted my spirits and pushed me forward (Limestone, Ala.)

My name is Sarah, and this is my story. I went to Elkmont High School during my freshmen and sophomore year. It was a struggle to on a day to day basis. I struggled with my grades, homework, and the ...

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Operation Graduation Essay: Dropping out was the worst mistake of my life (Limestone, Ala.)

Operation Graduation Essay: I came here because conventional school didn’t work for me (Limestone, Ala.)

At first I was reluctant about coming to Ombudsman. I knew some kids who went here who were just troublemakers, a lot like I was at one time. I just really didn’t want to be caught up in that, because ...

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Operation Graduation Essay: I Wanted a Better Future for My Son (Limestone, Ala.)

I came to Ombudsman because I got pregnant my junior year. I got through most of my junior year without missing any school from morning sickness, because I didn’t have it luckily. My grades were not the best to begin ...

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Operation Graduation Essay: I Didn’t Know if I Wanted to Finish School at All (Dundee, Ill.)

Ombudsman has honestly saved my life as far as where I stand in my future. Before Ombudsman I was in and out of hospitals, attended a rehab facility, and was contemplating whether I even wanted to finish school at all. ...

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Operation Graduation 2014 Essay: Torye Parker (Gordon, Ga.)

My name is Torye Parker. I started attending Ombudsman the second semester of my senior year. The reason is because I failed the Georgia High School Graduation Test. In Georgia, their is a law that states all students going to ...

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Operation Graduation 2013: Meet the Finalists!

Operation Graduation 2013 was a great success! We received more than 50 essays and videos from Ombudsman students around the country, and now it’s time to meet your Top 12 High School Finalists. They are (in alphabetical order): Molly Bates, ...

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Operation Graduation 2013: Jennifer Mangerie (Peoria, Ariz.)

It’s easy to say that I started from the very bottom. I have faced numerous obstacles along the way but even when it seems entirely impossible, there is a top for everyone. I never, in a million years, would have ...

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Operation Graduation: Michael Hollis (Seneca, Mo.)

My name is Michael Hollis. I came to the Ombudsman half way through my senior year. The reason I transferred was because I was struggling in chemistry. I needed every credit to graduate, and at Seneca chemistry is mandatory.  I ...

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