Student Spotlight: Kevin Manning (Bloomingdale, Ill.)

Date: September 14, 2011

The following poem was written by Kevin Manning,  a senior at our Bloomingdale learning center in Illinois.

Kevin considered dropping out of school, but we are thankful he made the decision to give school another try and enrolled last spring.

We are very proud of the work Kevin has done and this piece demonstrates both Kevin’s gift of poetry and the change in his attitude about school.

Three Things I Like about School

Endless days.
Everlasting nights.
Sleeping beneath,
Summer moons.
The clock strikes
The morning roars
The dream is over
School has won,
For now.

Positives do lie in this equation however
As the days will no longer,
Be slept away.
The mystery lies in the knowledge,
You seek to obtain.
As the days seem to drain,
Much faster.
But I like being awake during  the day now
No longer shall I wake,
To find night has arrived  again.

Potential lies in structure
School gives structure,
To an empty schedule.
The days are now filled
The foundations are now built
All you must do,
Is pave your own path to glory.
The laziness has been suppressed
Go do what needs to be done,
And you will be awaited  by fun.
The structure,
School gives my life.
Can only be compared,
To the amount  of power,
Which lies hidden in money.

Knowledge is power
Power is knowledge
School can give you,
That knowledge,
That power.
It can open up doors,
That have been sealed,
For decades.
Money gives you power.
School gives you knowledge.
Knowledge is power.
Power is knowledge.
Grasp as much as you can
Because one day you’ll find,
If you don’t  do it while you can
The chances will be dead and gone.
School is the foundation for success.
The stepping stones,
On the road of life,
That leads down the path of success.

School may seem,
Like its just there,
To destroy summer,
Come each August.
But there’s more to it than that,
School opens doors,
School gives possibilities,
School is essential,
To a good life.
Wherever you’re headed in life,
Chances are,
An education will make your journey,
Much smoother.

“Did you know freedom exists in school books?” ~Jim Morrison

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