Student Spotlight: Daberry and Shantiara Young (Proviso, Ill.)

Date: November 21, 2011

This month we are visiting with sisters Daberry & Shantiara Young from Proviso East High School.

OES: Before you enrolled, what did you expect at Ombudsman?
Daberry: I thought it would be bigger, with regular style classrooms.

Shantiara: I expected there would be more teachers, deans and security.
OES: What has been the biggest surprise?

Daberry: How fast the day goes. I’m always busy.
Shantiara: The small class size.

OES: Do you have a favorite part of the program?
Daberry: There are fewer distractions, like with people passing in the hall. And I like being in school for three hours.

Shantiara: I like the way this school is organized. The work is the same, but it seems easier.
OES: I’m sure you have been talking to your Mom about the program. What has her reaction been?

Shantiara: She likes it. She wants us to stay here.
Daberry: She doesn’t worry about us not doing our homework.

OES: This year assignments are presented on a syllabus. How do you like seeing all the requirements for a class at one time?
Daberry: No, I like the idea. I know just what I have to do.

OES: Did you need to adjust to working on a computer each day?
Shantiara: No, I had a summer school class on a computer so I knew what to expect. I like that you can go back to look at something again, take more notes and work at your own pace.

Daberry: I’m a computer wiz so anything that can be one on a computer is better.
OES: If you had a friend that was going to join us at OES, what would you tell them?

Daberry: This is a real good environment. We don’t have distractions like being in the hallway.
Shantiara: I’d say it’s pretty cool. There are fewer people,  less distractions and it’s easier to focus.



Our Proviso Center is located in Hillside, Ill.

Proviso Center
4413 West Roosevelt Rd., Ste. 101B
Hillside, IL 60162
P (708) 236-5115
F (708) 236-5108

The Ombudsman Proviso center is operated through a partnership with Proviso Township High Schools District 209.

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