Parent Letters: Melinda Lewis & Faye Pugh (Savannah, Ga.)

Date: June 17, 2013

On behalf of my sister and me, we would like to thank Mrs. Brown and her staff on helping our nephew Edward Daniels. Eddie was expelled for public school and ended up in Ombudsman School. Mrs. Brown and her staff took an interest in helping Eddie through his crisis that he struggles with daily. You see Eddie has anger problems and to add to it he lost his mother in December to cancer. Mrs. Brown has really help Eddie through this, she has been dedicated to helping him succeed and over come all of these adversities. Eddie is learning to control his temper and to find other ways of expressing his anger. So again we like to salute Mrs. Brown and her staff on a great job on helping Eddie to get back into public schools and become a productive student.

Melinda Lewis & Faye Pugh

Photo Credit: Marketing Pilgrim

Categories: Success Stories
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