Operation Graduation: Torn McKelvy (Athens, Ala.)

Date: May 20, 2013

The school of Ombudsman has always been seen as a place of failure in my eyes, a place where you go when you are in danger of not being able to graduate. So when I found out I was amongst the few chosen to come, you could say I was less than zealous. My expectations for the school were considerably low.  I in all honestly resented the thought, the very idea of driving all the way to this prison, as I saw it at the time, and stare at a computer screen all day.

The first week began slowly but every time one of the kind teachers smiled at me or gave me a reassuring pat on my back it would force me to second guess my earlier expectations. I was finishing the work quickly and even felt as if though I was attaining more information than at my previous school. By the end of the week my pessimistic outlook had vanished.

The hours of the school began to fit my personal life much easier it seemed, and for someone who struggled with consistent absenteeism, I found my attendance improved drastically. Ombudsman it seemed wasn’t as bad as I previously anticipated, in fact I soon discovered I truly enjoyed coming to class.

Within a few months, I completed all my work and quickly earned my diploma. Now I hope to pursue my career in the medical field. Without this opportunity to attend Ombudsman, my goal to become a surgeon would not be possible.

Despite a few flaws, Ombudsman has in my own astonishment became a great experience. The program helped me in all the ways I needed help, the relationships I developed with the teachers and students helped me feel comfortable even when I didn’t want to. I despised the thought of coming to this school for so long. But now I can in all honestly say I’m truthfully proud to be an Ombudsman graduate.

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