Operation Graduation: Sydney Kramer (Holt, Mich.)

Date: May 28, 2013

Ombudsman Edtrek has allowed me to come a long way in my schooling. I was always one of the outsiders in my life. Always the one to struggle, when everyone else got it. It definitely is an accomplishment to be in this position. I’m so excited because my family never thought I’d ever graduate, and I always believed them because I always did so poorly in my classes. I’ve learned from so many people that you just have to believe in yourself to get where you need to be, and always be positive.

I always knew what I wanted to do when I actually grew up. It’s been the same ever since I can remember. Singing is my passion, the way it makes me feel and the way it comes so easily just amazes me every time I sing. I was always told to have a back-up plan if something didn’t go the way that I wanted it to. So that’s what I did. If singing doesn’t work for me, I plan to be a helper for mentally challenged children. I know singing and music is a very hard profession to get into, but I will try the hardest to make it happen. Confidence is key when going for your dreams, and singing is a huge dream for me. ALWAYS has been.

When I first started here at Ombudsman Edtrek, I was so far behind in my classes that I wasn’t confident I was going to graduate. The teachers here have helped me so much, telling me I could do it, and were always here to help me when I needed it. I find it a privilege to be here, because without Edtrek being here, I wouldn’t be walking across the stage in the next coming week.

I plan on going to Lansing Community College (LCC) in the Fall of 2013, for 2 to 4 years, then I would like to transfer to Belmont in Nashville, Tennessee for an actual music college. During my high school years, I have learned so much. Math is always going to be a hard subject for me, but I’ve come really far from where I was in Ninth grade. Working with math problems I’ve done, I always thought “oh, I won’t use this, math is stupid.” Now I know we get taught everything for a reason and we have to use these things in real life.

Walking across that stage in a few days really scares me… it’s scary because 12 years of schooling is finally done. Leaving friends and leaving teachers that you just learn to care about is really bittersweet. They are the people who always told me that I could do it, and not give up, because I had so much potential. I’m ready to start a new chapter in my book, though. I’m ready to finally be somewhere where I’m proud to be.

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