Operation Graduation Essay: My teachers lifted my spirits and pushed me forward (Limestone, Ala.)

Date: May 23, 2014

My name is Sarah, and this is my story. I went to Elkmont High School during my freshmen and sophomore year. It was a struggle to on a day to day basis. I struggled with my grades, homework, and the normal everyday activities. I was failing miserably, to the point they would have kicked me out before I earned enough credits to graduate. Then, I just gave up and quit going to school altogether. Then, I was introduced to Ombudsman, and my world was turned around.

Ombudsman was the most amazing thing that could have ever happened to me. Without Ombudsman, I would have never got to where I am today. I’m graduating with my class, the class of 2014. I feel amazing; the teachers are very supportive. They pushed me to success. When I was down and out and ready to give up, my teachers lifted my spirits and pushed me forward.

They offered me an opportunity that I would not have had anywhere else. To succeed, to learn, and to graduate. I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to go to Ombudsman. I can honestly say that without the support of my teachers, family, and friends I would have never graduated, or be graduating.

After graduating, I plan to go further into my education. I would like to go to college to become a nurse, and if at all possible, after my nursing degree I would like to also try to get a degree in business and one day have my own shoe store. I hope to reach these goals in the future, and make the best of myself.

Once again I would like to say I am very grateful for the opportunity Ombudsman gave me and for all of the support from my teachers there. Without you all my life would have not been as great as it is now. I can honestly say my biggest dream as of this point in my life has come true, thanks to Ombudsman. At this time I would like to thank you all for all of your time and support to get me where I am today.

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