Operation Graduation Essay: Ombudsman Saved My Life (DeKalb, Ill.)

Date: June 30, 2014

My name is Christian Vargas. I have attended high school for 6 years, and will graduate with the class of 2014. After looking back at those years I realized how much of my struggles made me the person I am today. I started out high school with no clue of what was in store for me. I skipped so many times, didn’t focus on my school work.

I have a learning disability where my mind wonders sometimes and it does suck, but I have self control of it. I had so many family troubles at home that I couldn’t keep up with my school work. So many problems with keeping a steady job, walking everywhere, not having money to spend. Freshmen, sophomore, and junior year, I was failing some classes. Sure enough after my junior year going into senior year was about to start, I got into something that changed my entire life to commence myself to change for the great of good, and that’s fatherhood.

When it came down to hearing the news of being a father and might not graduate on time, it made me feel like I had no crutches to support my legs with all the weight on my bare shoulders. It was as if I could no longer move my feet that were planted straight to the ground. I had to focus on getting a job to maintain not only just for me, but for my own family as well. Sure enough financially the crisis had been cleared off, and the sense of losing 10 pounds has been uplifted off my shoulders.

But what would I do with my education? I saw how focused the love of my life was to finish school. She sure did finish and is done, along with the relationship we had that no longer had. It made her strong enough to hold on to. I not only lost the mother of my child, but had lost the chance to finish on time. I gave it another try to finish and I was so close, but no cigar. I lost all hope that summer of 2013 to finish high school. My rights of being a father could had gone to my In-laws.

I went into depression and as you read this I am sorry to say but I became very suicidal. I didn’t know who was that monster I saw when I look at myself in the mirror? What happen to that Chris Vargas that everyone enjoys seeing him dance, hangout, and help others? My mother and I had troubles bonding. I was six years old when my parents had a divorce. I couldn’t help but have hatred towards myself.

The envy of others having family quality time together, while I go spend have the morning with my dad then switching of and on spending time with my mom. I’ve gotten over it, but at times it comes back to me, along with the thoughts of self harming. My own mother saw the hole I had in the middle of my chest and she wanted to do something about. She went thru so many calls, meetings, sit downs, arguments to the distract board to let me have one last chance to finish high school.

Soon after a week after school started, my mother had gotten word that she enrolled me into Ombudsmen. I couldn’t help but have tear of joy knowing my own mother of four as a single parent would go thru hell and back to have her children be happy. I wanted to prove my parents that this year of 2013-2014 that I can do it. No more troubles, no more conflicts, and no more skipping. Ombudsman literally saved my life! It changed the ways how my dad saw me, and changed those that doubted me. It made me have the courage to go on. It is the stepping stones to success, and to move on from my past. Ombudsman did so me that I can go on and become something in the near future.

All that’s left know is, what are my plains for my future? Well to answer that mystery I surely do want to continue my education to succeed. I look back at past think of how many cracked roads, potholes and rocks I went through. But at the end of my course as a 2014 graduate, I knew that you can start off rough and work your way up to a smooth better road and into the light of success. I know that I may have graduated late, but I know its better late then never. I didn’t want to quit. My dad and mom taught me never to quit. If you want it you got to work for it, and sure enough I stayed on my grounds and head on to what I want. I couldn’t have done it without my family supporting me, my teachers of ombudsmen, my closest friends, my parents, and the help of God.

I have my motivations all along, and that is to make my parents, friends, and my teachers proud. But one person that made me motivate to finish was my baby daughter Isabel. I am more then happy to announce her mother and I can work things out for me to see my daughter more often. As she ages and looks back when she graduates, I know every step of the way ill be there so that she can finish her schooling as well, like how my parents did too. I have big plans that are coming up this fall of 2014 since I was accepted to Kishwaukee College, but to answer this question, I’ll let the wind guide me to where my future holds.

Thank you so much for everything Ombudsman. I wouldn’t be here for this great opportunity if it wasn’t for my teachers and the support of my close ones and family. I can finally take a deep breath and say that “I Christian Vargas, am an Ombudsman DeKalb high school graduate of class of 2014!

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