Operation Graduation Essay: I came here because conventional school didn’t work for me (Limestone, Ala.)

Date: May 22, 2014

At first I was reluctant about coming to Ombudsman. I knew some kids who went here who were just troublemakers, a lot like I was at one time. I just really didn’t want to be caught up in that, because I had Ombudsman pictured in my head as being almost like summer school around here, which is very disorderly and chaotic. My first day here I realized that was not the case. It is very professional and an easy place to concentrate and learn.

I came here because conventional school didn’t work for me—like I believe it doesn’t work for a lot of people. There are misconceptions that if you go to Ombudsman you are dumb or stuff like that. Well, that’s just not true. I had an IQ of 125 in the 3rd grade. I knew this because kids in my county get tested, and if you have a high enough IQ you get to go to a gifted school for half a day once a week.

On my first day at this school, I noticed someone who was also in gifted classes with me. It just goes to show that not everyone learns at the same pace or in the same orientation. Also just because you go to Ombudsman doesn’t mean you are dumb or a troubled child, it’s just a second option that I, and I think a lot of other kids are thankful for.

After I leave here, I’ll be done with school, and I’ll have a diploma. I’m the first person in my family who can say that. That’s always been pretty important to me, and it also allows me to follow my dream of join the Marine Corps. I hope to make a career out of that and save up enough money along the way so that I can start my own business. I’m not sure what kind yet, but I just want to ensure my kids’ future so they don’t have to struggle like my parents and I did when I was little.

I can hopefully do all this because Ombudsman helped me start the rest of my life off right with a high school diploma so I at least have my foot in the door. So thank you Mrs. Brown, Mrs. David, Ms. Andrews, and Mr. Thompson of Limestone County Ombudsman.

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