Operation Graduation 2015: Kate Speare (North Harlem, Ill.)

Date: April 30, 2015

These past few months at Ombudsman have truly helped prepare me for life as a young adult in the real world. Ombudsman gave me an amazing experience that widened my knowledge and gave me the tools to succeed. Before Ombudsman, I didn’t know how I was going to finish my high school career or move on to college. I was lost.

However, I was able to truly get a hold of my life after coming to Ombudsman. I met great people and fabulous teachers who helped me to get on a path to success.

At Ombudsman, I was able to be challenged without stress that could have led to failure. I was able to learn and work at a pace that was suitable for me to do well and get as much out of my education as possible. I learned many valuable life skills at Ombudsman, such as how to manage my time, stay focused and how to study efficiently. I was able to push myself, instead of being pushed.

My teachers at Ombudsman encouraged me to do my best as I challenged myself when possible. I was able to make the decisions to succeed on my own and be independent. Guidance and help was always just around the corner if needed, but Ombudsman gave me the space to grow.

I would not be attending college in the fall without Ombudsman. When things were looking very bleak in my life, Ombudsman made a positive, life-altering difference.

I now feel confident going away to Central Michigan University in the fall for college. I know that I will succeed on my own and in my future education because of the way Ombudsman has shaped me. I have learned to be in charge of my own success while being guiding by extraordinary people on the way.

Ombudsman has provided me with a bright future for which my family and I are very grateful. I am so appreciative to my amazing teachers, Mr. Fredrick and Mr. Thompson, who were so helpful and understanding. They truly answered every question I had, helping me improve in every way possible. Not only did they help me with my education, but they also took an interest in my personal life, making the idea of going to school enjoyable.

Never once did I feel like coming to school was a chore at Ombudsman. I always felt engaged and interested in what I was learning. I sincerely believe that Ombudsman is a life changing program that I would recommend to anyone with a desire to learn and achieve.

Ombudsman helped me and gave me a home when I needed it most. Now I can go into the future and make a success out of myself. I feel very confident that Ombudsman has helped me prepare for whatever is to come. I am extremely excited to start the next chapter of my life, beginning with college, where I hope to major in English or Journalism. I can truly say that without Ombudsman, I would not be where I am today.

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