Operation Graduation 2013: Samantha Lovejoy (Downers Grove, Ill.)

Date: May 8, 2013

Now that I have completed high school, there are many things I would like to do with my life and my future. I have a baby due in July, so my choices are now very limited for the time being.

Finishing high school was my first goal when I found out that I was pregnant. Now that I can scratch that off of my list, it’s time to move on to bigger things.

Once my baby is here and settled, I plan on enrolling in College of DuPage. I want to go to school to become an ultrasound technician. Right now, I plan on enrolling in fall classes for that. My life will be different in every shape and form, so I can’t really say what I will or will not be doing for sure.

I always had a tendency to leave school, or just not show up more than half the time. Then, when I found out I was pregnant and was getting sick throughout the days, I would just leave. My attendance was not good at all, and never has been. I knew that I had to get my high school diploma.

When I told my dean and my counselor that I was pregnant, they were all very supportive. My counselor looked at many different options for me. He suggested Ombudsman. I was told I only had to go for three hours a day, and I had 2.5 credits I had to do before I could graduate.  I starting attending Ombudsman in January and I had 5 classes to complete. I was finished by mid-March. Ombudsman really did help me in completing all of my work in such a short amount of time. Now that I am finished, I can start planning for my baby’s arrival.

As of right now, I am working in South Elgin at a fast food place. I plan on working as much as possible to save money for my baby. I have a little more time on my hands, so keeping myself busy while making money is the best option right now.

I have had to put off college for a little while, but I will make it a priority to start attending within the next year. My life has been changed forever and finishing high school was a bit of a problem at first. Because I attended Ombudsman, I don’t have to worry about not getting my high school diploma. I have started doing things right and I plan to keep going.

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