Operation Graduation 2013: Ryan Keith Shively-Kellogg (Seneca, Mo.)

Date: May 23, 2013

My name is Ryan Keith Shively-Kellogg, I am graduating this year. I am very lucky that I am graduating; I wasn’t exactly a great student. I used to get kicked out of school a lot; I didn’t really even care about school. When I came to Ombudsman, my teachers showed how important it is to graduate from school. I owe my teacher Mrs. Rinehart everything. She gave me self-awareness, and she gave me “the want” to succeed in school, so I can succeed in life.

If I never would have come to Ombudsman, I really don’t think I would be graduating. I would have most likely dropped out of school and been a nobody the rest of my life. I was one of the lucky people that got a second chance. Ombudsman truly helped me, I straightened up, got a job, and I’m about to move into my own place. None of that could have been possible if it was not for this school, and the teachers in it. For that I am truly thankful that I was giving this second chance, and I made sure that every bit of it counted.

Not many people had the same chance that I had, some kids decided that school was too hard or wasn’t worth it. They soon found out that they were wrong, and they couldn’t come back to school. Like I said before I used to get kicked out of school all the time, school didn’t matter to me. I would have had nothing, but they brought Ombudsman to my town. Now I choose to come to school; I like being at school.  I choose to get my work done, and do it to the best if my ability. This school pointed my life in a better and brighter direction, and I can go in to the world with my head held high.

This school year has not exactly been very easy for me by any means. Starting a new job and working all night; then coming to school right after work with about 5-6 hours asleep between school and work every day can really drain you. You don’t really get a social life either, but it is worth it just to know that you have the power to succeed in your life. I haven’t let any of that get in my way either. I still pass through my school work. I managed to finish 17 classes this year so far, and I got one more week to finish 4 more classes. I will get the classes done no matter what, and my teacher will help me till the end. I am Class of 2013 and I graduate this year…I have too!

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