Operation Graduation 2013: Nick Loggins (Athens, Ala.)

Date: April 22, 2013

I would have to say that being here at Ombudsman was great. My education when I got here wasn’t on a good path. My old school was good but most of the teachers there just wanted the money and didn’t care if a student needed help. I arrived here at Ombudsman around February 28, 2013 not expecting to graduate. My problem was that I hadn’t been able to pass the AHSGE math section.

My first day was just like any other first day. I was nervous and just scared that I never would be able to complete all my work. I had a chemistry class that was weighing me down plus when I saw all my work was on a computer it really scared me because I have ADHD, which causes me to not sit still and pay attention for long periods of time. I still have no clue how I made it through this mess, but I never could have done it without my helpers, Mrs. Brown, Ms. Andrews, Mrs. Davis, and Mr. Hodge.

The teachers here are excellent. They are willing to do most anything that could possibly help a student out. The work is explained really well; all of it is broke down into understandable steps. The best part is there are certain teachers who know a certain subject, so they teach it to us in a classroom in the back. I would definitely recommend Ombudsman for anyone who is in a mess educationally.

My plans after I graduate here are to move on to college. I will be starting my night classes on May 28 at Calhoun Community College. I will now be able to fulfill my dreams of becoming a prominent person in life. My college career will be available because of the teachers here at Ombudsman helping me. I hope whoever might read this will know that this place has really worked in so many ways for me.

I would like to say thank you to all the wonderful teachers and fellow students for helping with everything. I will always remember this day when I could finally say I am a high school graduate.

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