Operation Graduation 2013: Morgan Adams (Glen Ellyn, Ill.)

Date: May 7, 2013

After I leave from Ombudsman and graduate high school, I will continue to attend school to further my education. First, I will attend the College of Dupage for two years to complete my general education requirements. After that is done I plan to transfer to Northwestern University and obtain my bachelors degree in psychiatry and possibly psychology.

When I have graduated from Northwestern I plan to continue my education and attend grad school and medical school so that I may be able to obtain my masters’ degree in psychiatry. I am currently unsure as to which graduate or medical school I shall attend, but I am certain that I will resolve that problem when the time comes.

Once I have my degree, I will begin working on my doctoral thesis to obtain my doctorate in psychiatry. I chose to pursue a career in psychiatry because I find the human brain to be very fascinating. I also chose psychiatry so that I may be able to understand myself and others better, and to understand why people act the way that they do. When I have completed my many years of schooling, I plan to be a clinical and counseling psychiatrist at a VA.

I plan to work at a VA and aid military veterans because I want to give back to the brave men and women who served to protect this country and its’ citizens. During my educational pursuit, I will remain employed. My location of employment will most likely change a couple of times as I attempt to gain knowledge and experience in the mental health field.

When I am finished with my schooling and able to look back upon my history of education, I will see that going to Ombudsman was very helpful. The teachers at Ombudsman clearly showed me that my hard effort and determination were priceless qualities that should constantly be nourished and kept in good condition. The teachers at Ombudsman showed me-through frequent praise of my work-that hard work can and will pay off at all times in life. I will always appreciate the opportunities that Ombudsman provided me, allowing me to complete my education and graduate from high school on time.

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