Operation Graduation 2013: John Styers (Elgin, Ill.)

Date: July 5, 2013

Ombudsman has given me the opportunity to finally obtain my high school diploma. Few other places could give me the chance of completing four years of school in just two. It was at Ombudsman that I found the drive to push myself to work hard in school. I never valued education before, but now I am proud of all the time and effort that has gone into getting this diploma.

In elementary school, I did very well. Most times I had a complete understanding of the subject before it was ever discussed in class. This changed in middle school. New concepts were introduced that I didn’t understand right away, which was alien to me. Rather than trying harder, I decided to merely accept bad grades.

The poor grades continued throughout sixth and seventh grade. This culminated in me failing my eight grade year. The next year I barely passed, only to fail my freshman year of high school. This was due to the same issues I’d had before.

Eventually, my mother discovered Ombudsman and told me of it. Upon arriving at the facility, I was pleased with the exceptional friendliness of the staff. I was especially impressed with the fact that I could progress at my own pace. That way I could speed through the lesson I found easy and take my time with the more challenging ones.

I am very much looking forward to this chapter of my life ending. As I said before, I can look back on my time at Ombudsman and be proud. I thank the teachers here for their kindness and patience. To earn my diploma will be a milestone, and it will be a great weight lifted from my shoulders.

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