Operation Graduation 2013: Felicia Beard (Athens, Ala.)

Date: May 13, 2013

I am very thankful that I got the chance to come to Ombudsman because from my understanding it’s hard to get in because all the kids needing to go so they can graduate. If I didn’t come to Ombudsman this year, I would have probably quit going to school which would have upset a lot of people.

I liked it here at Ombudsman because you didn’t have a lot to worry about. You just got to get your work done and collect your little apples on A Plus. You don’t have homework unless you want to work at home which in all honesty is smart because your work gets done faster.

The thing I like most about Ombudsman is you don’t have to stay at school for eight hours a day. The only bad part about having the morning session is you have to get up earlier, but you get your work done faster than you would at your regular school. You don’t have teachers teaching that get off subject every few minutes. You can do one subject all day if you want to.

Ombudsman in my opinion has a better learning experience/environment because you don’ thave a whole school of kids to distract you. It’s quiet for the most part except for the teacher’s voices which isn’t bad unless you are trying to read something. You are kind of in your own bubble at your desk. The teachers will help you and make sure you know what to do. They don’t just show you one problem and expect you to get it.

Ombudsman is a good place to go if you really need it. You shouldn’t agree to go if you are going to sleep most of the time you are there because someone else may need your spot.

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