Operation Graduation 2013: Elizabeth Rodriguez (Athens, Ala.)

Date: April 26, 2013

Hello, I’m Elizabeth Rodriguez. Remember me? When I talked about how I ended up coming here to Ombudsman? Well, let me give you a quick refresh of how I came here and how I’m ending my year already.

I came here to Ombudsman because I was missing some credits, and why was I missing some credits? Well, first off, I wasn’t a bright, bright student with A’s and B’s. I would slack off and by the end of the semester I would be trying to catch up so I could pass my classes. Nothing really worked out with me hurrying up. It was/is my senior year, and I don’t get to spend fun times at school with all my friends because of it. Those are the consequences that I went through.

I thought this program wasn’t going to help me out. It really changed my thoughts and opinions when I knew I could finish and have good grades. Hard work pays off. I’m really glad I ended up coming here because it got me away from my friends, and I learned more things. Without getting distracted, I finished all my work before the due date. I’m actually very proud of myself.

I’m showing the people who thought I couldn’t do it. I did do it, and better than them! I’m getting to graduate with my class and my year! I figured out my education was way more important than not paying attention and doing nothing. What would life be without a high school diploma? The good thing is I will NEVER feel or know how it would be like because in May 2013, I walk and receive my diploma.

To me, it really doesn’t matter that I made it coming here, because it’s actually the same, actually. Better. The teachers help you out every time you raise your hand. No distractions, no friends, yeah, way better! I learned a lot in only a few months. I could’ve done without coming here, but I just needed that little push.

Ombudsman: it was a great experience and I appreciate my counselor and the people at Ombudsman giving me that last chance I had with high school. I definitely took my moment and did it.

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