Operation Graduation 2013: Elisabeth DeNomme (Glendale, Ariz.)

Date: May 28, 2013

Graduation is a very special and important time in everyone’s life. You have finally finished high school! I, honestly, thought I would never have made it this far. Let me tell you about my journey and the difficult times I went through to, finally, get to graduation.

When I first started school, I really had no sense in how important it really is. I goofed off and started fights all the time. I didn’t care. I thought, “Oh, I don’t have to pay attention or do my work.” Because of this, my grades started to drop and school became harder and harder. Eventually, I didn’t want anything to do with school so, I dropped out. It was the worst mistake of my life! I thought, “What am I going to do now?” For a while I was out of school and never thought I would go back.

A friend of mine knew I needed to get back into school but also knew that there was no way I was going back to the one I went to before. She introduced me to Ombudsman. I thought the four hours sounded okay and I could do that. When I started, I kept falling back into my old ways. I didn’t know why and then it finally hit me. If I want to do well in school, I have to want it for myself. I can’t rely on others to do it for me. The next year I continued at Ombudsman, but I switched to another location, Charter West. I didn’t really think anything of it but it was a blessing in disguise.

It wasn’t always easy, but I had the best support. The director, Mrs. Jagger, and my teacher, Miss Levin, have had so much impact on my life. Without them, I wouldn’t have had that extra push and motivation I needed. They have helped me really find who I am and what I am capable of.

There were always times when I just wanted to give up, but I couldn’t throw away everything I worked for. Ombudsman and the teachers there were amazing. I wouldn’t choose to do things and differently. It was an experience of a lifetime!

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