Operation Graduation 2013: Chancelor Miller (Holt, Mich.)

Date: June 27, 2013

“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.”

– Mark Twain

During the years since Ombudsman’s founding in 1975, they have provided 145,000 teens a second chance at education. That’s thousands of teens that were shown they can succeed and make positive choices no matter what obstacle blocks them. Thousands of teens that were at the brink of giving up, who now hold a diploma. Each of those students were shown they are important and valued; thanks to Ombudsman. My name is Chancelor Miller and I’m proud to be one of those students.

Remembering my life before Ombudsman is difficult and hard to discuss. Around my freshmen year depression hit me; grades started falling, and my light at the end of the tunnel shut off. Years of abuse from someone who should have cared about me had left me scarred and at a place where I felt like I couldn’t move forward. For two years this continued, and it only grew worse. The night suicide entered my thoughts, I knew I had to admit myself into a hospital. Once I was finally released, it was only a few short months before Ombudsman entered my life.

Even though I was promised a second chance, I still feared walking into an alternative program. People seemed to speak ill of it; they claimed only the ‘bad kids’ went there. Now that I’ve spent two years at Ombudsman, I know those people had no idea what they were talking about. Ombudsman has been my home – a place where I felt safe and cared about.  It’s been a mass of hope that has allowed me to be confident and successful in an environment that felt personal. I’m not just a student here, I am a person. I’ve learned so much in my time here, and I have met some outstanding people that have forever changed my life. Ombudsman is an experience every student should be granted.

After Ombudsman, I plan to take all that I’ve accomplished and use it to give back. I’ve already spent my time tutoring teens in need. This fall, I’ll be attending college for Psychology; my goal is to become a psychologist for children and young adults. I also plan to open up a center for troubled teens that need somewhere to go – somewhere where people will listen and value them. If I can make half as much a difference in a child’s life that Ombudsman has in mine, it will be worth it.

Moving forward in my life, I realize that I wouldn’t be where I am today without Ombudsman. I wouldn’t have all A’s and be on my way to college with a scholarship. I wouldn’t have learned important life lessons or realized that I am somebody important. Thanks to Ombudsman, I am a successful person who will achieve their dreams. My name is Chancelor Miller and I am proud to be a graduate of Ombudsman.

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