Operation Graduation 2013: Brittany Parish (Athens, Ala.)

Date: April 25, 2013

Coming to Ombudsman was one of the best choices I ever made. Since I have come here I have made improvements in math and english. Ombudsman is a comfortable and great environment to be in. They are always willing to work with you individually and help you first hand. Unlike Clements you can get one on one help if you need it. The teachers couldn’t be friendlier. Now I don’t have to dread coming to school.

Ombudsman is a place that teaches you but its also a place where you don’t mind coming. A few things I loved about Ombudsman was the one on one help, how everything is organized and set out for you, and how helpful and kind the teachers are. With math I have always had to struggle, but when I got here it became some what easier. The lessons were taught in a very good way. Also whenever I needed help. They was there. Ombudsman is a place you want to go not a place you have to be forced to go. You get to work at your own pace. No one is pushing you or rushing you.

Without Ombudsman I’m sure I wouldn’t have graduated. They gave me a second chance to reach one of my main goals. Graduating has always been one of my top goals in life, and now that I am here I know it is possible. Here it seems anything is possible. Working towards my diploma became easier when I got here. I had help. I knew if I struggled all I had to do was raise my hand. Knowing you can depend on your teachers really is a big deal, and here they are always willing to help you work threw your problem.

I have been at Ombudsman since the first of this year and I have made so many improvements. I can see a major difference in the  way I learn now. I was taught how to work through my math word problems and how to set up equations. My teacher at Clements never took the time to do that. I guess one of the good things about Ombudsman is its not many people. Your not in a loud environment. Its quite and easier to concentrate on the work you need to get done.

Ombudsman was my second chance. Thanks to the teacher s and all the help I received I am now able to reach my goal. Ombudsman is an amazing place to come to. I’m so thankful I was given this opportunity. Now I am able to graduate with my class. Also thanks to Ombudsman my future is brighter. I passed with a good grade in math. Which I never thought I could do. Thank you Ombudsman for the things you helped me accomplish.

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