Operation Graduation 2013: Brianna Calimee (Elgin, Ill.)

Date: July 9, 2013

Finally, my school days are coming to an end! As summer approaches and the number of school days grow shorter, I have to admit I am one happy camper. Before, I was dreading school like the plague but now I’m up, every day, literally running to the bus stop because I’m so eager to graduate and finally be finished. Maybe I am exaggerating about “running to the bus stop,” but you can clearly see my point.

My school days used to start off like this. My alarm goes off. I grunt in disgust that school was ever invented. Then, I start the daily routine of taking a shower half asleep and getting ready for the day. Then comes what seems like a little bit too short of a bus ride to school. I mean, can a girl catch a couple of zzzz? Can I nap for at least 30 minutes? Yeah right, that’d only be in a perfect world. But then again a perfect world wouldn’t have school.

Now my school days are extremely different. Instead of looking at my alarm clock with disgust, I’m smiling. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that my alarm clock literally counts down the days until graduation. And my half asleep showers have turned into concerts, where I’m singing because I’m just so excited to be done with school already. I’m literally happy to walk the almost 10 minute treks to the bus stop every morning. As I’m sitting on the bus, I’m no longer trying to catch a quick nap.

My school actually isn’t that bad. My friends attending other schools wish they could go for only three hours a day. Compare three mere to the full eight and a half that most kids across the globe have. I have got to say I’m pretty lucky. The only downfall is that I have three hours in which to do what most students have eight hours. I had seven classes when I first started here. And man does it feel good to literally be down to just one course (only two lessons and an end-of-the-course test left). I have only my very helpful and encouraging teachers here at Ombudsman to thank for that. Seriously, if it wasn’t for Mrs. Fay and Mrs. Brevik, I’d probably be at home sleeping in bed. Or, worse, I’d have just stopped caring and dropped out all together.

Overall, I have to say I’m enjoying these last few days of school. True, I have been working hard and not been able to take a break since I walked in the door today. But, it’s the principle behind it. Hard work pays off and because of that I’m able to graduate on time. And that is why I love these last school days!

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