Operation Graduation 2013: Amanda Smith (Athens, Ala.)

Date: May 14, 2013

Ombudsman has been a very successful and enriching experiencing in my high school career. There are many reasons behind this success. The easier commute, friendly and helpful staff, and the ability to work at my own pace are all great attributes behind Ombudsman. These have been the key to my success.

Before Ombudsman, my commute to school had always been a chore. The average thirty minute ride to Elkmont would always tire me out from the moment I got in the car. With Ombudsman so close to home, I felt secure knowing that I could get to school with little worries, especially if I wanted more time in the morning to eat breakfast or get ready. The easier commute was definitely a plus side to Ombudsman.

Along with a shorter ride to school, the teachers and staff were always helpful with everything. They paid attention to me, and would strive to assist me in anyway they could. They generally care about their students, and that made me want to work harder, and push myself so they could be proud of me. Even when I had transportation issues, they still strived to help me in any way they could. I couldn’t ask for a better staff to assist me in success.

Last, but not least, the ability to work at my own pace tied everything together. Once I began at Ombudsman, I finally felt free to work at a speed I felt comfortable. In certain subjects, I exceeded and quickly finished the material, and in others, I could take the extra time needed to fully learn and understand everything. It’s something you can’t get from going to a traditional school, and perfectly tied together the experience at Ombudsman.

With these reasons being said, Ombudsman is a rewarding and exciting alternative to public school. I can now continue on to a successful future with everything I have learned, and feel confident in my abilities. All hopeful future students can rest assured that they will enjoy their time there, over a traditional learning experience.

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