Operation Graduation 2013: Alisha Randolph (Athens, Ala.)

Date: April 24, 2013

Ombudsman is a great school that is full of opportunities and great teachers. Before attending Ombudsman I was behind on three math classes and two histories. What I like about Ombudsman is the classes are all designed where you can work at your own pace, the teachers are ready and willing to help, and it’s a nice quiet and clean environment that allows you to easily pay attention where you can get your work done.

I really like how all my classes are broken down into weeks so I can keep on track and not get behind. I think it’s great we get to work at our own pace because some classes might take me a little longer to catch on to than it would someone else. It actually helped me get ahead. Every class I have to take for the semester is in a folder so I can see and visualize how much I have left or have to do.

Here at Ombudsman the teachers are always ready to help you on your work or help you with something you may not know. What I really like about the teachers are that if you don’t know something they will fully explain it to you and break it down where you can learn it. I like how the teachers try to help us students as much as they can so we can graduate and succeed in life. The teachers are great people.

The class environment is pretty quiet. Everyone is working and seated at their desk. If people do get loud or talk the teachers ask them to quiet down. It never really gets loud. The school is very clean and neat. The desks are nicely placed where everyone has their own space and aren’t cluttered together. I like how there are achievements on each wall and posters that tell what opportunities Ombudsman provides. In each room there are also informational sheets that help with everyday situations.

Ombudsman is a great place. I actually really like the way everything is from the way the classes are designed, to the teachers, and just overall what type of environment the school is in. It was a privilege for me to attend this school. Without Ombudsman I probably wouldn’t get to graduate with my class because I had too many courses I had to take. This school has given me a chance and I’m very grateful for it.

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