Operation Graduation 2012: Whitney Holman (Athens, Ala.)

Date: May 21, 2012

My experience at Ombudsman has been great. I learned so many things.

Ombudsman is a school that motivates you and helps you to graduate. Being here has made me have more confidence in myself because there was a time that I thought there was no hope of me graduating, and this school changed that.

I feel that coming to this school was one of the best things that I could’ve ever done because this school really changed the way I thought about my education and really has given me an whole new outlook on life.

I love this school and mostly the teachers because they don’t make you feel less about yourself. They help you and work with you until you get it.

Ombudsman is a school that lets you know that there is still hope of graduating. That’s why if there is someone that is going through the same thing that I have, I would definitely recommend they come here because this is really a great school.

One of the other things I also like about this school is that you don’t stay here all day. Tou do your work and go home. I’m really going to miss this school a whole lot because as I have been here I have gotten attached to the people, but I know I must leave and go to college and become successful in life.

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