Operation Graduation 2012: Peyton Eitel (DeKalb, Ill.)

Date: July 13, 2012

If it wasn’t for the Ombudsman program I would most definitely not be graduating right now. I would probably still have at least another semester to go, if I was lucky. Before I came to Ombudsman I was having issues motivating myself to actually do my homework and turn it in, so I was skating by, by getting good scores on the tests to make up for the fact that I wasn’t doing the homework. Then I started skipping class and stopped just skating by and started failing. But at Ombudsman there really isn’t any required homework and the sessions are only three hours long, which helped me immensely. I was able to arrive at school and immediately start working without having to worry about getting my homework done before class started that I had “forgotten” to do the night before or worry about what my friends who I would skip with were doing because they are still attending school at DHS and stuck in class because of the new building’s setup.

After realizing that going to school isn’t just something parents make you do to appease them, but to help further your own understanding of the world around you, I’ve actually grown to like coming to school. In the one year I have spent at Ombudsman I have changed more than the three years I spent at DHS – for the better of course! The work at your own pace aspect also helped me more than I am able articulate, because some classes I am better at than others and I was able to get those out of the way first and work on the classes I needed to focus on more to help me graduate. I’ve learned how to manage my time a bit more wisely and to not start right away with the things that are going to be the most difficult. For example, first semester, I finished Psychology about a month earlier than I finished US History.

Although I still haven’t decided what exactly what I want to be if and when I grow up, I have decided that I’m going to get my general education classes taken care of at community college before I head off to a four-year university. I would not be able to say any of this for at least another year if it wasn’t for the Ombudsman program, and for that I am grateful.

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