Operation Graduation 2012: Morgan Whitlock (Calhoun, Ga.)

Date: May 23, 2012

I’ve been attending Ombudsman since the middle of my junior year. I”m now a graduating senior and on the right track for once. I will always perfer Ombudsman over regular public high school. The education techniques used here and the overall enviroment are two of the most important factors to me.

Starting freshman year of high school, I wasn’t moving along and getting the education needed. I have a problem paying attention and I’m easily distracted. The teachers are all the same. They all went way too fast during the lessons and assignments that I was never able to be up to par with my school work. I spent 2 1/2 years of my high school staying far behing and failing almost every subject.

I am now an all A and B student at Ombudsman. And I couldn’t be any more proud of myself for working hard and getting to where I am now. I’ve learned that I actuatlly am pretty intelligent and that I am and easy learner- All because of the education program at Ombudsman. It’s 100 times better for me to work on my own in a quiet environment with no distractions . I’ve learned that I can’t have someone teach to me and fully grasp all the information given out. And that’s how I easily got behind and on tests, I never could fully do anything on my own.

I would refer Ombudsman to anyone who is searching for a better alternative to getting the right education. Almost everyone needs help now and then. The teachers are here to help whenever you need them and they actually take the time and make sure that you fully comprehend everything. They all are patient and care about students getting their education.

Because of Ombudsman I am now a senior in high school, all A and B student, and graduating in two weeks. I’ so proud of myself and thankful that Ombudsman was an alternate way for me to finish high school finally on the track and completely caught up on every class.

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