Operation Graduation 2012: Michelle Garcia (Las Vegas)

Date: July 16, 2012

My name is Michelle Garcia and I’m currently a senior. I am dedicated to graduating this year with my class. My goal is to walk with my class and attend college afterwords. I want to make my parents proud, including myself. I hope to see friendly faces from my high school when I walk. Ombudsman has really helped me to pass no matter what. It was a right choice to come here.

Firstly, the reason that I got to being here in Ombudsman, was because I brought this little bundle of joy to the world named Robert and hes a lot of work for such a cute kid. I needed a schedule that worked best for me and there it was an Ombudsman form on my counselors wall. When I had the interview I was set on my decision. It was perfect! I couldn’t wait to get started. When I first started it was empty but now its full of people trying to graduate like myself. Everyone was focused and I needed to do the same if I wanted to graduate in time.

Secondly, my experience at Ombudsman has been amazing so far. I love it here. It makes me feel good to attend this school. No one bothers you as long as your doing your work. My teachers are very nice and I get along with them very well. As for school work, I feel like I really accomplish a lot through these courses and it feels great. We have family meetings and it helps me bond with my classmates, unlike my other high school. You get to meet wonderful people and that makes it easier walking in because I feel more comfortable. Our family will just continue to grow.

Thirdly, in my future I see myself attending college. I plan to be in college for four years. I see myself being overwhelmed with joy because of how much I accomplished. All I can say to those students planning to attend Ombudsman is to try your best and you can achieve your goal. I recommend that you do your work immediately or you will stress even more knowing you got essays to do. Trust me I’ve been there.

Finally, I really appreciate what this school has done for me. I cant imagine pulling it off without Ombudsman. I definitely know that I will miss my teachers. They been of great help throughout these months and I enjoy their company. I’m grateful for having the opportunity to join Ombudsman.

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