Operation Graduation 2012: Manuel Jasso (Dundee, Ill.)

Date: July 20, 2012

The Ombudsman alternative program has been an experience like no other in my education. I personally think this program is great and has assisted not just me but many troubled students. Ombudsman has helped me accomplish a goal I thought I would never achieve: high school graduation. Ombudsman is a good learning center because you work at your own pace, it is a small environment, and it is only three hours.

First, I think Ombudsman is great because you work at your own pace. This is good for a lot of people. It benefits those who work quickly and move ahead, but it also helps students who work at a slower pace. Some of the benefits of working at your own pace include the following: you don’t have to worry that other students are further ahead or that you are behind; nobody tells you that this assignment is due tomorrow; also, if you do not finish an assignment one day, you can finish it the next day.

Also, Ombudsman is a small environment compared to our public schools. This is an advantage for many who can’t focus well in an overpopulated classroom. Some people work better in a quiet environment without too many peers around. In addition, with the one-room atmosphere at Ombudsman, you don’t have to worry about being late to any specific class. Once you’re inside the room, you work on whatever course you want.

In addition, the environment at Ombudsman is helpful for students that have trouble at their home school with the diversions of so many students and the tensions that others can cause. For example, I never thought I would graduate because I was often suspended for fights. However, the district has helped me by sending me to Ombudsman, a small school with fewer distractions and far less tension. This small environment allows me to focus on what I need to do to earn my credits and graduate.

Last, Ombudsman has an advantageous schedule. The school day here is only three hours long. With this schedule, many teens can hold jobs while still in high school. This is beneficial to families with low income in helping pay the bills. Also, since school is only three hours long, many students (like me) think to themselves “might as well get something done.” Then, before you know it, you have completed several assignments and the school is day is over. If you work and mind your own business at Ombudsman the time will fly, and you will be successful.

In conclusion, I believe Ombudsman is a positive learning place. I have attended this school for the past 2½ years and can proudly say I became successful. It has helped not just me but many other students. I am now about to graduate high school and that is something I thought was impossible for me.

I can honestly say I would have never accomplished this goal if it wasn’t for Ombudsman. Ombudsman gave me the opportunity to work at my own pace, have a small and quiet learning environment, and be able to attend school for only three hours. With these benefits, I have been able to complete all my work for a high school diploma.

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