Operation Graduation 2012: Hannah Williams (Athens, Ala.)

Date: May 21, 2012

My name is Hannah Williams; I first came to Ombudsman in December of 2011 as a junior needing to be a senior. I had a lot of work to complete in a short amount of time. My dream was to be able to graduate, and walk with my own class. Coming here was the perfect opportunity for me.

When I came in December, I walked into a room full of desks and computers. As I picked a seat, they assigned me four classes to finish as quickly as I could. I started right away, doing nothing but work.  I came in everyday at 7 o’clock, and started my work until 11 o’clock when we left. The hardest thing for me was not being able to talk. I love to talk to anyone or anything, but here, I had too much work to do. I soon started to see faces I recognized from my home school. When I saw them, I started to relax, and ended up finishing out my junior year by the end of January. I felt so accomplished, and had a new confidence, that I would be able to graduate. However there was no time to waste.

At the beginning of February, I was assigned eight new classes to start and finish by May. My new-found confidence was shaken. I thought I was never going to be capable to finish eight classes in four months. But with the teachers confidence, trust, and motivation I promised myself I would try the best I could. My goal was to still show up at 7 o’clock everyday ready to work, and to be able to complete two classes every month. With every passing week I became more and more outgoing and comfortable with the other classmates, and teachers, as well as getting my work done. By the end of March, I finished three classes. Over spring break, and doing work at home, I was able to finish two more classes. The capability of graduating became more and more realistic.

In mid- April, I still had four classes to complete.  I was still a little skeptical about being able to finish. But with the teachers help I finished classes, one by one. Then I still had math and science to do. The teachers Mr. Hodge, Ms. Andrews helped me tremendously. She stood by me through all difficult math and environmental science set before me.  I finished environmental quickly. All I had left was British Literature and algebra. Graduation was getting closer and closer. But, I tried to not think about it. Doing my finial essays for British Literature, and lessons in Algebra, I kept my head up and tried to persevere, and be confident.

On May 17, 2012, I finished all the necessary work. The experience here at ombudsman was truly the best. The teachers (Mr. Hodge, Ms. Andrews, Mrs. Davis, and of course Mrs. Brown) here are amazing. They are the main reason I’ve been able to accomplish my dreams of graduating. Without the constant nagging, and the question “Do you want to graduate!?” from Mrs. Brown, there is no way I would’ve finished. Getting to know the teachers, and the classmates, have the greatest of times. I own them my success. This program changed my life around completely, and I’m excited to start college and the rest of my life, in the hopes of making my Ombudsman family proud.

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