Operation Graduation 2012: Gabby Woolard (Calhoun, Ga.)

Date: July 27, 2012

When I began my adventure at Ombudsman I thought oh my what have I gotten myself into. They don’t allow hoodies or electronics and those were the things I lived off of. Then, once I got used to it I was okay and I fell in love with this School. The teachers are awesome and the work is challenging, but yet achievable.

I took the BASI and wrote a five paragraph essay just like I am doing now, and I thought no problem this is going to be easy. Then my real work began, Reading plus, A plus, and Nova Net. All my work seemed so full and I thought to myself I will never get this done. The teachers were a lot of help and they helped me stay on task and get my work done.

In our center things are ran in order and very helpful, the teachers have no problems helping you with your work or talking through things with you. We have class discussions on real life things, like college and how it is once you graduate and are on your own. Everyone here is also very understanding and caring. I would most definitely tell anyone who had problems in a regular school environment; they would have no problems and a blast here.

We have fun, but we also get our work done. There is no way you could fail here, unless you absolutely don’t do your work or ask for help. Everyone here is amazing and will do anything to help you get through your work on a timely matter. Ombudsman is a great place for your children to go to school.

So here I sit a better student and person writing my last essay for high school. I’m a little nervous, excited and scared, but I know with the lessons that I have learned here at Ombudsman I will survive. Since I have started ombudsman, my grades have gotten better and my attendance, my behavior has also improved. I can now honestly say with the help of Ombudsman I am ready to start my college education.

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