Operation Graduation 2012: Demetrius Lamar (Hillside, Ill.)

Date: June 12, 2012

Graduating from high school is a great accomplishment for me. I know to most graduating high school and getting good grades was a breeze. However, since 8th grade, in knew in my mind I would never graduate.

My normal grades were D’s and F’s. Then in my sophomore year came and I was finally trying to get things straight. I ended up having a major conflict with a teacher that resulted in my being kicked out of school.

Then I came to Ombudsman. I didn’t know much about it and didn’t know if I’d succeed or not. This program helped me in the best way to get on track.

When I came to Ombudsman, I was missing three credits and didn’t care because I believed I was going to drop out. But the way this program works made me care and work toward graduation.

My junior year at Ombudsman really helped me. Just when everything was on track, I had a baby girl and once again I was off track.

But with the hours that Ombudsman offers, I was able to work and take care of my child.

Because of Ombudsman I am going to graduate and have a chance to go to college. I can get a degree in whatever I want to study and I won’t have to work two jobs to support my family.

Ombudsman really helped me in my life. Without Ombudsman, point blank period, I would have dropped out.

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