Operation Graduation 2012: Darren King (DeKalb, Ill.)

Date: June 4, 2012

What Ombudsman means to me, it means FREEDOM! I have never felt so proud of something that I have done in my life like ever! Before ombudsman, in high school I was a total slacker I never turned in work I was always skipped class and I was always late. I decided to go to ombudsman mainly because I wanted to graduate on time and get my diploma with my class.

From day 1 I felt so welcome the teachers accepted me and other students with open arms and were very open minded and optimistic. The setting was perfect for me, just about 15-17 students, PERFECT! That would mean everyone would get the same amount of attention for work and lesson that needed to be done. To be honest I was quiet scared and nervous on my first day, nervous about graduating on time and nervous about fitting in with the new faces. No worries I fitted in just fine, everyone has their own stories and experiences that made everyone feel so comfortable around each other, I met so many new people and loved every second of it. The teachers are just perfect they’re understanding, patient and they all have a no-nonsense policy that works for so many situations.

If it wasn’t for Ombudsman I wouldn’t be able to graduate, I wouldn’t have been able to meet new people and experience new things. Because of Ombudsman I feel way more confident about completing complicated tasks before I would have just given up and pouted, but now I can ignore all the unnecessary things that are floating around to focus on the task ahead that would lead me onto the path of success.

I wanted to thank Ombudsman and the teachers in the facility I currently attend for giving me the opportunity to succeed and graduate on time, for the time and patience each teacher had to focus on all the A+ lessons that I had all the enrichments if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have been able to finish anything on time, the constant reminders helped as well! Words can’t explain how good it feels to be completely done with everything I can’t believe I’m done, it’s happening so fast but if feels good to know that I can do anything I put my mind too.

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