Operation Graduation 2012: Charnetta Turner (Athens, Ala.)

Date: May 16, 2012

I am a student at Ombudsman High School in Athens, AL. I am a senior in high school. I use to attend East Limestone High School “Home of the Indians”. I am a straight A’s & B’s student. I have never gotten into any trouble. I have held a job since my junior year in high school.

The reason why I attend Ombudsman, because I didn’t pass the reading part of the graduation exams by one point. So since I didn’t pass that, I had two opinions. The number one was to stay at East Limestone High School for a year and not graduate until I pass it in the summer time. The second one was to attend Ombudsman, and graduate high school. So for those options I was going to ombudsman. Yes, it did break my heart to leave all my friends behind at East, but it was for the better.

Here at Ombudsman I’m learning more about myself here than I did at East Limestone. Here I have learned that you have all the strength you need to do any challenge inside of you. And just because you’re alone body wise doesn’t mean you alone mental wise. If you have God on your side anything is possible. Ombudsman shows you that you can be who you are and joy school at the same time.

I really like it here at Ombudsman. I have met new people that have become by best friend. I have an easier work load than I did at East. It is closer to my house than East. I only go to school for 4 hours a day. I have more time to spend with my mother and little sister. I have more time to be more active in my community than ever before. I have more time to work on getting into college.

I honestly think that I coming here changed me for the best. I have no regrets on changing schools. But I will miss my friends for east. Coming to ombudsman changed my life forever. I will no longer say “I can’t graduate,” because Ombudsman gave me an alternative route.

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