Operation Graduation 2011 Essay: Whitney Love (Athens, Ala.)

Date: August 7, 2011

My name is Whitney Love I am 18 years old and I went to East Limestone High school. I came to Ombudsman about two years ago.

When I attended East the environment of public school was too much with the amount of socializing I was able to do even in the classroom. I am one of those many students that are easily distracted by everything. I got behind in my work and even failed a class which would have pushed me back a year on graduating.

When I heard of the opportunity to attend Ombudsman I jumped at the idea and started not long after my school counselor and have been exceeding ever since.

Now that I am finally graduating and a year early too, I plan to wait until my son turns one and then I will be starting college. I hope to become a Social Worker in the future and make enough money to be able to provide for my son and give him everything he needs and more. If the Social worker career doesn’t work out I plan to become a Chef and open up my own restaurant. Through Ombudsman and the help they have provided me now I know one of my dreams can come true.

The learning experience has been beyond amazing for me. Before I didn’t think I was going to make it through high school. I was thinking about just doing what most my friends and even boyfriend did and drop out.

Then I came here and it changed my whole attitude about school in general. The chance I got to come here was the best thing that could happen to my high school career, honestly, if it wasn’t for this program I wouldn’t have stuck with high school.

The fact that it’s all based on my pace and my attendance is what excited me the most especially when I found out that as soon as I got done with one lesson I could go straight into another.

My success here has even me speechless. Like I said I never would have dreamt in a million years that I would be graduating a year early if I did at all. I got so much more work done here than I did at East partly because I didn’t have my best friend sitting next to me to distract me every day.

Because of Ombudsman and my success here I don’t have to tell my son that I was a high school drop out that I did graduate even though I was pregnant with him and even though it wasn’t always easy for me to roll out of bed and come. I think my greatest success here was how they motivated me to get the work done and how they offered me the chance to get graduated before my son was born.

The things I LOVE about Ombudsman is that they never gave up on me and that they gave me all the help and individual attention I needed. This was the best experience in school that I’ve ever had and I’m thankful that I had this wonderful opportunity.

I had such an awesome time here that I even talked some students from East to attend here and they all agree that yes this was a much better environment. I love that you aren’t really supposed to talk to others other than the teachers so I could get all my work done in time.

If I could do it all again I would definitely come back here and be a part of this wonderful program. I thank everyone who made this opportunity possible for me it was the best school experience I’ve ever had.

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