Operation Graduation 2011 Essay: Walter Cable (East Allen, Ind.)

Date: August 1, 2011

All my life I was a lot slower at schoolwork then most my classmates. It seemed like I was going to never get it done on time.

I always doubted myself about not being the person my parents wanted me to become in life. In normal high school I would go through school being a class clown if I didn’t know how to do the work. I did it because it seemed like that was the only thing I was best at.

This went on from elementary school through high school. I had doubts that I wouldn’t become good at anything besides playing musical instruments and playing around all day at school.

Things became so bad that I would love to go to school for music class then hate the rest of my school day. Teachers would consider me a problem child and probably couldn’t wait till the bell to rung to get me out of their hair.

Since I started at Ombudsman, most of all my childish thoughts and behaviors have turned around. Ombudsman did not just help me to start my life the right way, but it has helped me as a person to realize the importance of being a mature adult.

I have to thank Ms. Mertes and Mrs. J for that. Ombudsman has helped me to gain confidence in my life.

It has helped me to realize that all I needed to do was put forth some effort to become the successful, respectful, soon to be grown man, and 2011 graduate of Ombudsman.

I can finally tell my parents and everyone else I did it.

Thank You all!

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