Operation Graduation 2011 Essay: Shane Fischler (Niles, Ill.)

Date: May 22, 2011

I am a hard working student. I’m always moving around, working two jobs, playing music professionally, and coaching volleyball, so I have a busy schedule.

School was always a little hard for me though. I have a learning disability know as a Reading Fluency Disorder, meaning that I can read a sentence and understand it perfectly, but then when I read something large like an essay or short story, I lose track of what’s happening.

For my first three years of high school, I attended Gordon Technical High School in Chicago. I played varsity Basketball and Volleyball since my freshman year and had a lot of involvement with the some clubs, but when it came to the class work, I was not a big fan. I had excellent grades for my Math, Science, and Computer courses of those three years, but I was always falling behind with my English classes.

I was always on the borderline of passing-failing in English. I had a rough time. During my junior year, around Winter break, I was tired of school and wanted to get out; I had lost all motivation to finish school. I would show up to school late, out of dress code and not even go to class.

Towards the end of the school year, the Dean of Students and my counselor sat down with me and my mom and told me that they didn’t want me to come back my senior year. They mentioned this place I should for my senior year called Ombudsman in Niles, so I looked into it.

When I first heard about Ombudsman, I thought that it wouldn’t be the same and that this year was going to suck. Now I realized that I’m glad I went to Ombudsman. With the three hours of school I was able to keep my work schedule consistent and be able to play music at night during the week instead of only on the weekends.

I was able to stay concentrated on my work and really get down to business when I had to complete something. Ombudsman showed me how to adjust the way I read so that my Reading Fluency Disorder would not affect it. Ombudsman showed me a lot.

Ombudsman Niles Center is located on the Northwest border of Chicago. I live in Edgewater. That’s about 10 miles to school, just to get there, so 20 miles each day, for my whole senior year. That’s a lot of bike rides. But the distance didn’t matter to me.

I needed to finish school. I wasn’t going to let three years of school just slip out of my hand like it never happened. Now I’m graduating and I had an amazing year. The teachers have really taught me a lot, either for school, or for my life.

As for my future, I am joining the Navy. I am continuing my family’s tradition of join the Navy. My great grandfather and my grandfather have both been in the Navy, and my two uncles are in the Navy now. The Navy is going to make me a strong and mature young man. I have decided to be a diver because I enjoy swimming and I am a good swimmer.

I’m still going to pursue my music career after my tour of duty. GO NAVY!!

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