Operation Graduation 2011 Essay: Reggie Meadows (Downers Grove, Ill.)

Date: July 23, 2011

If you’re a 19 year old high school drop-out, who had decent grades but didn’t apply yourself fully, like me, than you need to be at Ombudsman. 

Ombudsman is a place where you can succeed. We have three great teachers who are a great help personally and educationally. 

Ombudsman has really changed my life. If I never came here I would probably still be a drop out and would be getting in trouble.

The teachers are wonderful. They are a great, intelligent staff that helps you reach your goals. Ombudsman is a confidence building place where positive thoughts are always around. 

Here at Ombudsman there are goals that help set standards to keep students focused and on track. Teachers are here to help whenever someone needs it.

Ombudsman has turned so many lives around, especially mine. 

I was on a road to destruction and bad places. When I came to Ombudsman, they were there for me and understood that I was trying to change my life around and I wasn’t the only one I was doing it for.

Ombudsman realized that I had to get up and get my diploma for my child, my mom and myself.

A lot of kids don’t even think about changing their lives, mainly because they don’t know anything but how they live now. Ombudsman will help you see and reach out to the other side of life.

If I wasn’t enrolled in Ombudsman, I would probably have a 9-5 job getting paid minimum wage of $8.60 per hour. That by itself can barely pay for a one bedroom apartment. 

Here at Ombudsman they help you try to get into college. College representatives will actually come and talk to you to lead you down the career path you would like to follow.

Ombudsman is a great place for those who struggle in school, at home, with family problems and even counseling, if you need it.  Ombudsman teachers try their hardest to help a student who wants to be successful and stable in the outside world meet their potential. 

They run a strict house so you just have to come to school, do your work and behave to get your diploma. The teachers want to help, so let them help you, like me, to succeed. 

Thank you, Ombudsman and the magical teachers behind it!

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