Operation Graduation 2011 Essay: Pasquale Fioccola (Mundelein, Ill.)

Date: August 4, 2011

My name is Pasquale Fioccola and I am 17 years young.

I live in Lindenhurst, Illinois and I have been an Ombudsman student for nearly three years as a private student.

I chose to attend Ombudsman for many reasons. I began having troubles at my prior school attending classes or going to school.

When I heard about Ombudsman, it changed my thought process of schools. It felt as if the school was designed for me. Coming to Ombudsman offered me the chance to set up for success and also complete high school.

Ombudsman has changed my life in various ways. When I attended Lakes Community High School I felt as if every teacher knew I was not going to graduate.

My intake at Ombudsman showed me that all schools are not the same. I finally had a fresh start where my teachers had not cast an opinion of me.

Ombudsman even changed my home life. It was a lot more stress free because I attended school on a regular basis and my grades began to rise.

In my opinion, if it were not for Ombudsman I would not be the graduating class of 2011 like it has been intended all of my life.

Coming to Ombudsman offered me the chance to complete high school on time. I look at these teachers as if they are my family.

Not only did they help me through a struggle, but they had faith and supported me all the way.

I also have identified here that I am a visual learner. In the environment that is provided here along with the one-on-one learning, it is a great way for me to strive for success.

Previously, before attending Ombudsman, I did not have any academic goals to better myself. Ombudsman gave me a different understanding of the world we live in.

I went from wanting to work road construction to dreaming about being a CPA. My plans for the future are to attend college. I want to major in accounting and minor in business management so one day I can own a tax firm of my won.

The last three years have taught me a lot about academics as well as life after high school. I appreciate all the help I have been given and I am happy to say I am the graduating class of 2011.

I could not have made it this far without Ombudsman. When at my previous school I never wanted to attend and Ombudsman changed that for me.

The experience has taught me various things, but one I will not forget is to never give up.

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