Operation Graduation 2011 Essay: Nicole Bauer (Downers Grove, Ill.)

Date: June 28, 2011

Ombudsman has done many things for me. The most evident, however, is helping to get me to school.  Ombudsman teachers also help on assignments. Finally, Ombudsman has helped to improve my overall education.

First of all, Ombudsman made sure I got to class and did my work. When I attended my old high school, I would typically ditch weeks at a time. When I did go to school, the classes went by too slow. I would be constantly told that I had to follow along with the teacher, even if I already understood the work.

At Ombudsman you get to work at your own pace. Everyone gets a computer and can work as quickly as they can.  Also, ditching is not an option at Ombudsman.  If you ditch they can kick you out due to their 100% attendance contract you sign before enrolling.

Finally, Ombudsman provides transportation, through the school district, to and from school to ensure you get there on time and don’t miss class [Editor’s note: Ombudsman works with districts to provide transportation to and from centers when possible].

Ombudsman will make sure you can finish each assignment and program. With a class size of about 18 people, everybody can get, and does get, one-on-one help. If you need help a teacher will pull up a chair next to your computer and guide you through the lesson so you can finish. Also, there are no set levels of where you have to start. When I first started, I took a test to measure my abilities in different areas, such as math and reading, and I started there. Eventually, I worked my way up to harder assignments and improved my testing scores.

Most importantly, Ombudsman has helped me improve in the most critical area of my education. I have always had the lowest scores in math. When I entered Ombudsman I was at freshman-level math. Now I’m ready for college. Because I am still enrolled in my original high school, attending Ombudsman means that I can get my high school diploma.

Also, because of Ombudsman I have improved to the point where I have applied to The Art Institute in Schaumburg to get my Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts and Animation.

In conclusion, Ombudsman has made sure I got to school every day. Once at school they made sure I was able to finish my assignments. Finally, Ombudsman has helped me earn my high school diploma and apply to college when just a few months ago I was on the verge of dropping out.

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