Operation Graduation 2011 Essay: Marketta Hobbs (Huntsville, Ala.)

Date: May 22, 2011

As I, Marketta Hobbs, matured into a senior at Lee High School, I realized that graduation was almost near. The only way I would graduate on time was to either struggle with extra work or come to Ombudsman. I knew that if I came to the program I would get the credits that I needed to graduate.

The reason I was slacking at school was because of friends. I had too many and only wanted to socialize, so I left to distance and better myself so I could reach my lifetime goals.

I plan to go to school in the fall, right after graduation. I decided to go to a community college her in Huntsville, for nursing. I plan to become a LPN, which should only take about two years. After I graduate from college, I plan to go to the Air Force or Navy to “Be all I Can Be.”

The best part about the Ombudsman program is it showing me exactly what my potential is. Not only is the program showing me what I can be it is showing me what I am.

My experience at this program has been outstanding. I have gotten so far in this program, it makes me proud of myself. The work here is more challenging, so that you know you are going home smarter that the day before. This program gets you ready for the fast lane, which is college. I have learned so much in these past few weeks, I know I am on the right path for success.

Ombudsman is making me a very successful seventeen year old young lady. I feel like I put my brain to good use here. I know I am learning, because if someone needs help with a question, I’ll gladly help them. I am trying my best to get finished and get my diploma to start my future. But, it is going to be hard to leave Ombudsman because they have been so good t o us.

Ombudsman is a wonderful program, and the perfect alternate to school. I feel like you get more work done here in a half a day then you would in a whole day at a regular high school. You can come in get as much work done as possible and then it is time to go.

The teachers are amazing; they make sure your day goes as smoothly as possible. This has been a great experience and I think I am better prepared for college now.

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