Operation Graduation 2011 Essay: Khamari Rodgers (Matteson, Ill.)

Date: June 22, 2011

Statistics have shown that each year approximately 1.2 million students do not graduate from high school, but thanks to Ombudsman, that was not the case for me. Ombudsman gave me a second chance to prove to myself and parents that I can succeed.

I started attending Ombudsman in the fall of 2010 as a private student. My parents and I decided the enroll me in Ombudsman because in my district school I was very distracted. It was about my social life more than my education, but being at Ombudsman I am alot more focused because it is a smaller environment.

At first, I thought the lessons were really hard, but I guess I just had to adjust to them because now getting through them is a breeze. Now I actually enjoy doing my school work.

I never would have thought that I would like getting up and going to school, but because of Ombudsman’s caring staff and flexible class hours, I don’t mind at all.

You get that one-on-one attention that’s not always given in a regular district night school. It helps you better understand the work you’re doing.

While attending Ombudsman, I was given a class that will really help me in my future. The class is Psychology. I plan on attending Eastern Illinois University in the fall and majoring in Psychology.

In conclusion, thanks to Ombudsman, I feel like I have the courage and power to challenge myself in life now and succeed in anything I plan on doing.

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