Operation Graduation 2011 Essay: Kelsey Hill (Hunstville, Ala.)

Date: May 22, 2011

Have you ever been in a situation thinking you weren’t going to pass high school? I was one of those kids until Ombudsman found me. Ombudsman helps kids have a shot of graduating. That is why I am so proud that I was given the opportunity to attend Ombudsman; they helped reach an unattainable goal.

Ombudsman means a lot to me. At one point I never knew I would be able to say I have a high school diploma, but that was before Ombudsman found me. A lot of people in my family thought I wouldn’t graduate. Thanks to Ombudsman I proved them all wrong. With the help of the teachers here who are great, I was able to finish my class work and receive my diploma.

The Ombudsman program offers kids help with coursework along with giving them hope. The stable base the program offers kids allows us to work hard and earn a diploma while teaching us a lot.

Ombudsman is not an easy way out as some people might believe, it is an alternative route for kids that didn’t think they could make it. It a route that offers hope and support along the way. Thanks to Ombudsman a lot of kids, including myself, will have a better opportunity in the working and college world.

At Ombudsman students learn a lot more than just course work. They learn self-motivation with the guidance of a caring staff. The care these teachers put into us is the greatest feeling. With the help of the staff who showed me I could accomplish this task, I finished my courses.

Ombudsman proved not only my family wrong; they proved me wrong. Today I walk out of the doors into the world with a high school diploma thanks to Ombudsman. I cannot say how much I truly appreciate it. This was the one last chance for me to succeed and with the help of the Ombudsman program and staff I was able to.

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