Operation Graduation 2011 Essay: Jonathan Wedra (Mundelein, Ill.)

Date: June 20, 2011

My name is Jonathon Wedra and I am eighteen years old. I live in Vernon Hills Illinois, School District 128.

I chose to attend Ombudsman because it provided opportunities to better my situation. I started off high school liking where I was with all the people and teachers and just the general way things were going. Junior year I was expecting to have a child, which changed my mind and life completely. By the end of junior year I was just dying to get out of there. I did not like the teachers, classes or students. My sister came to Ombudsman when she was a senior, so why not me? I gathered the courage to ask my dean if I would I would be able to attend Ombudsman. I was told there was no space available at that time. I was really bummed out.

When senior year rolled around, I felt refreshed after the summer break; I was ready to take senior year head-on. I felt like a new person with my priorities straight. That feeling lasted about a whole week. I already felt pressured by my harder classes. My son was three months old at the time so there were many sleepless nights, early mornings, and long days. Talk about a headache!  I went back to my dean to ask for another chance at success. The next day he calls me saying you will be attending Ombudsman tomorrow so bring your body and your brain. Thank you so much!

Since the first day here at Ombudsman, I have felt more welcome than any other school I have been to. The teachers here greet you every day with a hello or good morning. They are really caring people. They ultimately help you succeed by providing as much help as they can with the schoolwork and also problems you may have outside of here. Knowing that someone has your back all the way, you feel a lot better about yourself and where you stand. I get to see my son four more hours a day and I still get to keep progressing in my education. I do not think I would have made it this far without Ombudsman.

There will be many more hardships to come but at least I now know that you can overcome these ominous obstacles and pursue your dreams of becoming a better person.  I would and will recommend this program to troubled students who think there is no out or no solution to their educational career. I appreciate this opportunity greatly and I will never forget this.

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