Operation Graduation 2011 Essay: Jacob Webb (Mundelein, Ill.)

Date: July 28, 2011

My name is Jacob Webb and I am 18 years old. I live in Illinois and my school district is 127, Grayslake High School.

Ombudsman offered me not a last chance but a second chance. It taught me a lot of things not only about school but about life outside of school.

I chose to attend Ombudsman because in my first few years of high school, I messed up and would not have enough credits to graduate.

At Ombudsman you can make up credits faster so it allowed me to make up all the credits I did not get and more credits. I heard about Ombudsman from a friend and I asked my counselor about going there.

The first day I went there is was hard to get used to but after a week or so I was flying through the programs.

Coming to Ombudsman offered me a lot of things like different styles of learning. It is hard for me to understand something if someone is just talking and explaining it, I need to actually physically do it and actually see it being done.

At Ombudsman you do everything on your own and you see everything being done on the computer which helped me with a lot with my school work.

Ombudsman also offered me an easier opportunity to receive help when I needed it because at Ombudsman there are only a few students per session, which allows for the teachers to have more time to help each individual. This is very helpful when learning subjects that I am having trouble with.

Attending Ombudsman has changed my life more than anything that has happened in my life. I was put on probation for two years and needed to stay out of trouble.

At Ombudsman there are smaller classes so I did not hang out with the same people anymore and it helped me.

My main goal in life is to graduate high school and at the end of my sophomore year I was barley even considered a freshman with my credits. If not for Ombudsman I would never have had the chance to graduate high school and make something out of myself.

Going to Ombudsman was the best thing that happened to me throughout my school years. It allowed me to stay focused, get my work done and stay out of trouble. It also provided me with a second chance to graduate high school and hands on learning.

If not for Ombudsman I would have most likely dropped out of high school and done nothing with my life or wind up in jail.

Ombudsman changed my life.

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