Operation Graduation 2011 Essay: Edward Jamarillo (Tucson, Ariz.)

Date: June 3, 2011

I never thought graduation day would come; it came faster than I thought. I remember playing with toy cars in the dirt every day. And in a few days, I’m graduating from high school, something I didn’t think would happen.

I know I’m making my mother very proud today because I’m the youngest of her children, and the only one to have graduated high school. My mother is my inspiration, and I am standing here, ready to receive my diploma, for her!

Also, my brother and sister are a big reason why I’ve come this far; they never finished school, so they encouraged me and got tough on me to finish! I want to thank you guys, and I love you all more than anything.

I feel proud of myself because this is a huge step in my life. I will never forget Ombudsman, that name will always ring a bell. A special thanks to Ms. Seal and Ms. G!

When I first registered at Ombudsman, Ms. Seal understood my situation and told me that I COULD graduate! When she told me this, I was like, “Yeah right!!” in my head, but deep down inside I knew I could, and yet, I still doubted myself.

I want to thank you, Ms. Seal, for accepting me at your school and giving me the chance to do the most important thing in my life this far. Your words also encouraged me a lot! Here at Ombudsman, I became the little brother Ms. G never wanted.

Having said this, I want to wish all of you fellow graduates the best of luck!

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