Operation Graduation 2011 Essay: Desmond Burton (Forest Park, Ohio)

Date: May 22, 2011

The last four years of my life are times I can never forget. I remember my last day of middle school like it was yesterday, and my football coach telling me to stay focused because the years will fly by.  Now, here I am a Senior getting ready for graduation, and all I can think about is how he was right.

The last four years have not been easy for me. To be honest, I’d always thought about the future, but I never saw myself graduating, until now. My problems, as the years went on, only got harder, and school wasn’t a priority until I was sent to Ombudsman.

Prior to Ombudsman I had found myself getting into a lot of trouble, and falling further behind. You see, I believe in loyalty, and loyalty is what I gave my friends and my “little brother.” If I saw one of them about to do something stupid I would step in, even if sometimes I was the one to take the fall.

A lot of teachers and people who knew me well had told me I had no chance at doing good, so me graduating is a way of proving them all wrong.

Even though I came to Ombudsman things still weren’t easy. I felt guilty for making mom’s job harder because now she was making sure I had a ride to and from school, and she still was able to make it to her own job on time. We aren’t wealthy, so as gas expenses went up we were spending more than we could afford in order for me to go to school. I felt that after four years of high school, and transferring schools, if I didn’t graduate it would all be a waste.

Being at Ombudsman made me realize that hard work eventually pays off, because even though I had hard times. I kept working, and Graduation is the pay off.

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