Operation Graduation 2011 Essay: Ceirra Patterson (Limestone, Ala.)

Date: July 26, 2011

Five months ago I didn’t think that I would have the chance to even graduate. I was going to a high school where all the students were very judgmental.

I never went to school, and eventually during the same month of October, I found out I was a mother to be.

Ombudsman gave me the strength and courage to finish my schooling and helped me achieve my goal of knowing that I will have a better life for my child when I achieved graduating.

[My old high school] was rough. I never wanted to get out of bed to go to school because the students there would always judge me. I felt like I was alone and just didn’t fit in. High school is a lot more drama then it may seem to others.

I missed nineteen days in the first two months! Before I could realize my grades were going down, the truant officer came to my parents and told them they would be in deep trouble if I didn’t start coming to school.

That same week, I found out that I was pregnant. One morning, my father and I decided that it would be best if I got my G.E.D. and quit school. That same day, we went to Mrs. Speer, the counselor of my high school, and she refused to let me throw my life away. She gave me an alternative, and told me that I was to go to Ombudsman and get my diploma.

I was ecstatic to hear about this alternative to get my high school diploma as planned. As soon as I walked in the door at Ombudsman, all the teachers were very friendly, and none of the students were quick to judge me.

It became a very positive environment for me. I grew close to the other students who sat around me and even the teachers. They were always positive and encouraged me that I would achieve my goals.

When I was down, they helped me up; the teachers never gave me doubt that I couldn’t finish my work. Being at Ombudsman made me feel important, made me feel that I could do it, and made me feel like I wasn’t alone.

If I wouldn’t have come to Ombudsman, I would have had to get my G.E.D. Ombudsman gave me the chance to get my diploma, which is much better on college applications than a G.E.D.

Before I went to Ombudsman, I never even thought about going to college or making future plans. Since I was so encouraged by everything at Ombudsman, I decided it would be best to follow on with my future and make an even better life for my child.

I don’t want my child to look back and say, “Hey mom you didn’t graduate so, why should I?” I feel so good that I can be a wonderful role model to my child and have my diploma.

Thanks to Ombudsman, I have achieved my goals to get my diploma instead of a G.E.D., and the school has helped me to create a better life for my child.

Knowing that I achieved this when every thought in my mind was saying I couldn’t has made me realize that I can do anything I set my mind to.

Ombudsman is a great school for any person who is having trouble or is behind.

I will never regret going to the Ombudsman program. I am more independent now than I ever have been before. I’m going to miss the friends I’ve made here and the wonderful and encouraging teachers, but now I have to go on with my life and pursue my future plans.

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