Operation Graduation 2011 Essay: Blakely Pendergrass (Lafayette, Ga.)

Date: June 20, 2011

I never thought this day would come. The day of my graduation! All these feeling inside of me are overwhelming me with joy. I have done it, and now I can fulfill all of my hopes and dreams. It may not be easy. It may be hard, but I do know it is going to be a crazy and exciting ride.

When I first heard of Ombudsman I thought, Wow! A place where you work independently at your own pace, and have one on one time with the teacher is a great thing. I attended Lafayette High School. My first semester of my senior year I found out I had Melanoma (skin cancer). I was at the Doctors pretty regularly finding out where all it was. I had it removed from my chest and both my lymph nodes under each arm. I was not able to attend school for the rest of the semester, and I missed a lot. Later on I had plastic surgery to recorrect my scarring and after that was all done I began looking into Ombudsman.

Ombudsman welcomed me in with open arms. They have done anything and everything they could to help me and my fellow classmates. All three of my teachers were there for me when I needed help no matter what the subject was. They gave me confidence when I had none. They showed me a whole new chapter to my “life” and told me I could do anything I wanted as long as I believed in myself.

If you set a goal for yourself, I have no doubt that anyone will not succeed. Get your minds focused and as long as you strive hard in what you want to accomplish in life. You can do it, and you will exceed. My main goal in life right now is to go to college, and get my degree in Surgical Technology. In my mind I see no problem in accomplishing my goal and no one to hold me back. I have succeeded, and proud to call myself a graduate of the class of 2011.

“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.” – Booker T. Washington

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