Operation Graduation 2011 Essay: Blair Anderson (Crestwood, Ill.)

Date: July 22, 2011

I’m happy to say I’m graduating from high school this month. In my earlier years of high school I messed up doing bad things.

In my recent years, I discovered some health issues that have caused me to miss days of school. If I were at my regular school, I would’ve been behind in my work. Being at Ombudsman keeps me on track and it is helping me reach my goals.

I’ve suffered health problems that have caused me to miss many days of school. Here at Ombudsman, they understand and they give me work I can make-up. At my district high school it would’ve taken me weeks to get the make-up work from the teacher.

I like the small class sizes here at Ombudsman. It’s easier to get my work done here. At my district high school the class sizes are big. Here, I get one-on-one attention from the teacher at my own pace.

At Ombudsman they make you set goals, too. The only thing they make you do at district high schools is go to class. Paying attention and learning is your decision.

I do have plans to attend a community college when I graduate. I would like to major in early childhood education.

My teachers ask me “What do you want your major to be?” on a regular basis. That shows me that my teachers really do care about my future. I feel comfortable being at this school too.

Has Ombudsman helped me reach my goals, so that I can pursue my plans? Ombudsman has done more than help me pursue my plans.

Whenever any student needs help, teachers center their attention on that student, until that student understands the subject. My district high school didn’t do that.

I would like to thank Ombudsman’s staff for being supportive and caring. They always try their hardest to find an alternate route for every student.

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