Operation Graduation 2011 Essay: Ben Jambois (Skokie, Ill.)

Date: July 22, 2011

My name is Ben Jambois and I am 18 years old. I am ten days away from graduating after finishing my second year at Ombudsman. My high school experience was marked by a turbulent history of continual visits to the principal’s office. I was apathetic about high school and the consequences of my actions on my future and other people. I was without direction and unable to put my life into perspective.

All of this changed when I finally decided to go to Ombudsman. Ombudsman allowed me a reprieve from all the past troubles of my life. It let me work unhindered in an environment devoid of stress and peer pressure.

It allowed me a serene period of intellectual growth amongst students who wanted to better themselves and teachers who genuinely cared. I first entered Ombudsman my sophomore year with a defiant attitude towards education. After a few days I realized this center was exactly what I needed to put my life in focus and get everything back on track.

Ombudsman isn’t like regular school in the sense that you have the freedom to pursue your own interests at your own pace. Ombudsman makes learning interactive and fun, and you are helped along the way by skilled and friendly teachers. It allowed me time to mature and grow as a person, and I realized that it offers people the best of both worlds.

It gave me freedom to pursue all my interests by eliminating the rigidity of high school, while also giving me the credit hours that I needed to surge onward with my life. I was able to work part-time and compete in athletics while also receiving a top-notch education. I returned back to my previous school after a half year at Ombudsman, but I quickly realized that conventional learning isn’t for everyone. I finished out my senior year at Ombudsman.

I am now on my way to Indiana University, and it is all because of the compassion and help I received from Ombudsman. Ombudsman is willing to work with you to integrate all of your needs, and their number one goal is helping you to graduate in a productive and intellectually stimulating environment. They allow students to achieve their dreams even if they got off to a rocky start at first.

The program offers a second chance to anyone, no matter how dire their situation. People are taken into the Ombudsman family and given a fresh beginning at educational achievement and opportunity regardless of their past.

My peers showed me the error of my ways and the long-lasting effects that getting in trouble can lead to. The close-knit environment and the one-on-one learning is what made my experience here so special. I will always remember Ombudsman as an important stepping-stone that propelled me forward to a new life.

Thank you, Ombudsman!

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